Popular Choices For Industrial Warehouse Shelving

Shelving for warehouses comes in a huge range of different styles and sizes to suit the varied needs of different facilities. To get the most out of your own warehouse, it’s a good idea to devote some time to familiarizing yourself with your many different shelving options. This process need not be confusing or stressful! These are the key points you should consider:

  • How much space, in total, do I have?
  • What am I storing?
  • What size are the individual items involved?
  • Do I need to account for any irregular shapes?
  • How do I need to address product flow in and out of the warehouse?
  • Do I have any environmental concerns (temperature, humidity, etc)?

You can equip your entire space with industrial warehouse shelving or use it in just a portion of your facility. Good shelving solutions are fully adjustable and customizable to meet your needs. Shelving systems can also be combined with material handling equipment to increase both storage density and product flow efficiency. Most shelving systems are also adjustable after installation so that they can accommodate a wider range of items.

Common Industrial Shelving Options

Rivet Shelving

Also known as boltless shelving, this sort of shelving can be easily assembled without the use of bolts, nuts, or clips. Rivet shelving can be obtained with a range of different beam types; the right pick depends on the weight of the loads you intend to store on the shelves. Rivet shelving is outstanding for backroom merchandise storage, hand picking, parts storage, and archiving. Rivet shelving works well in multi-level storage designs.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving makes a great choice when you are storing items that need ample air circulation. Food and electronics are just two examples. Wire shelving systems are typically capable of supporting loads in the 600 to 800-pound range. Wire shelves come in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, chrome, and epoxy coating. It’s also notably easy to fit wire shelves with casters, making them highly mobile.

Industrial Steel Shelving

Suitable for both single level and multi-level storage systems, industrial steel shelving is perfect for making full use of the vertical space you have available. To organize smaller items, steel shelving can easily be equipped with drawers or bins.

Gravity Flow Shelving

This shelving system operates according to first-in, first out principles. Gravity flow shelving units are manufactured in many different sizes and load capacities; common fittings include dividers, rollers, bins, casters, and entry guides and entry stops. Gravity flow shelving is particularly well-suited to storing perishable materials; it also works very well with small parts and retail merchandise.

At Store-Rite Systems Inc, we provide shelving solutions (standard and customized) for clients all over the country. We have an experienced and talented Project Management and Engineering team standing by to help you specify your storage needs and design a solution that meets them. We handle every aspect of warehouse shelving, including storage design, subcontractor management, shipping coordination, installation, and permitting. We can also recommend material handling products to complement your new shelving system in order to maximize your warehouse’s efficiency.